How to Grow Tomatoes Upside Down

Several benefits lie in growing tomato plants upside down. Many tomato lovers have turned to this way of growing tomato plants to increase their crop and ease of growing the countries favorite garden vegetable.

When growing tomatoes upside down, they are grown in a container rather then in an outdoor garden. Those who love to garden but lack the space can still enjoy home grown tomatoes. Also, those who lack an area that will receive the needed 6 to 8 hours of sunlight that tomato plants require, benefit from growing their tomatoes in a container as well. Their tomato plants can be moved from location to location during the day to stay in the sunlight. Another benefit to growing tomatoes upside down is that there is no need for staking. Tomato plants need support as they grow taller. With the plant hanging upside down, the weight falls naturally towards the ground. With growing tomatoes in a container also eliminates the need to weed. Those short on the time it takes to tend to a garden daily benefit greatly from growing tomatoes upside down. Also those with poor soil will not have to go through the effort of getting it just right to grow healthy vibrant tomatoes. And probably the biggest benefit to tomato growers is that growing tomatoes upside down in a container cuts down on dealing with pests. These types of tomato destroying pests find it hard to get to the tomato plant as it hangs off of the ground. Plus, keeping the tomato plants separate reduces the disease that can easily pass from one plant to another when they are grown close together in an outdoor garden.

Growing tomatoes upside down will also benefit the plant directly. For instance, growing tomato plants upside down can help your tomatoes plants to produce better, bigger crop of tomatoes. This is due to a better airflow around the plant and because there is less stress on the branches during growing. The tomatoes will also ripen faster then those grown in the traditional way in an outdoor garden. Plus, since the tomatoes never come into contact with the ground, you will not have to deal with the rotting problem that tomato growers typically have to deal with when their tomatoes come into contact with the soil.

You will find that the smaller plant varieties are better suited to this method of growing but growing tomatoes upside down is not limited to the smaller varieties of tomato. Many garden lovers have changed their minds and found that the best kind of tomatoes are those that are grown upside down rather then those grown in a traditional outside garden. But, with the large, luscious tomatoes that are produced this way, it is clearly easy to see why gardeners have felt this way. Rather then trekking from the garden, kneeling in the dirt and harvesting a few tomatoes for a salad. All one has to do it to reach out on their patio or deck to grasp some of the very same if not more succulent tomatoes.